Housing Market 2023 vs 2008

2023 Housing Market vs 2008 Housing Market. Today’s housing market is very different than the past couple of years 2020 to 2022. Whether it’s Memphis TN Homes for Sale or homes across the nation, many people compare or are concerned the current market will become like the 2008 housing crisis. There are a few similarities, but significant differences.

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Look at the facts. Today is very different than the housing market of 15 years ago. Look at this chart for comparing 2008 and the present housing market.

2023 Housing Market vs 2008 Housing Market

Rising inventory and less competition from other buyers means opportunity right now. Home prices always go up and recover from recessions(if one occurs, though debatable) and this may be the only buyer’s market you see for some time. Long term, you should view this market as an opportunity and equity builder for the future.

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